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Appleseed Goddess Sounds Music Sync License

50-Year Multi-Use Royalty-Free End-User

Music Synchronization License Agreement



Upon payment and receipt of your licensing order, Appleseed Goddess Sounds

( grants to you, an individual End-User, on

behalf of the copyright holder (Artists) working exclusively with Appleseed Goddess

Sounds, a royalty-free non-exclusive right to synchronize the music

recordings (Music or Tracks or Element or Elements) that accompany this

document (Agreement or License), into an unlimited number of multimedia

productions (Production or Productions), as defined below for

the Non-Commercial and Commercial License that you purchased, as indicated on

your purchase receipt, which must be retained as proof and part of this

License Agreement, for world-wide distribution unless otherwise restricted

herein, for 50 years from the original date of sale (Execution).




Non-Commercial - refers to any activity or entity that does not in some sense involve the selling or buying of products, services, and or entertainment. Examples would include private videos, non-profit podcasts, personal webpages. Song Title and Artist name must be listed in credits. If on a website a link to Appleseed Goddess Sounds.

Commercial - refers to the generation of monies. In a nutshell the buying and selling of products, services, and or entertainment. Examples would be movie trailers and movie soundtracks. Advertising for products, services, or entertainment on television, radio, or the internet. Song Title and Artist name must be listed in credits. If on a website a link to Appleseed Goddess Sounds.




You are responsible for clearing any uses not listed in this agreement or

that you are unsure of by contacting Appleseed Goddess Sounds prior to License

purchase or any such use. Use in any illegal or otherwise unlawful

productions is prohibited.


Appleseed Goddess Sounds Licensing Music






By purchasing this single-site end-user License, you are not assuming any

copyrights or rights other than those specifically granted to you in this entire

License Agreement. Appleseed Goddess Sounds and the Artists reserve all rights to legal and financial remedies and relief concerning the Music.



The music associated with this license is copyrighted and protected under

United States and International laws and any misuse of the music will be




Multimedia is defined as a Production that use the music

in relation with other media elements including, but not

limited to voice, sound effects, graphics, animation, or video.



Appleseed Goddess Sounds Artist created the Music, owns

the full copyright, and publishing rights in which no

additional performance royalties will ever be required of you.



If you violate any of these terms or you obtain a refund or credit for the

Music the rights granted to you by this License it will be immediately




You may not transfer, assign, lend, sell, re-sell, rent, auction or sub-license the

music to anyone else or other entity.



You may not add lyrics, vocals, or additional vocals to the







You may not post or make the Music available for download on the Internet, a web

page, an FTP (file transfer) server, a file sharing network, or by any other

means separate from a Production, to any individual or company.




You may modify the Music to accommodate your Production but doing so does not give you any

copyright or rights other than the use of the music as per the license Agreement for the

end result based on the original Music regardless to how different it may sound.



You may not transcribe the musical compositions or any lyrics from the

Music without our prior written consent.



You are required to give the Appleseed Goddess Sounds Artist name and song title within your production and/or in any artwork or documentation that accompanies your production, for example "We've Already Won by Chai Rae An

Courtesy of".

Web hyperlinks should be as follows: " Licensing

Music" with either the entire text linked and placed in a prominent location.






Appleseed Goddess Sounds may use your name, company name, the title, website,

or excerpt of your Production, or production web address for our promotional

and advertising purposes.



You must furnish a single copy of your finished Production(s) if

requested by Appleseed Goddess Sounds to do so to verify compliance with

this License Agreement.



You hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold Appleseed Goddess Sounds and

its agents, employees and Appleseed Goddess Sounds Artists free and harmless against

any and all claims, suits, liability, loss, damage, judgments, recoveries, costs, expenses

and attorney's fees made or brought, paid, or incurred directly or indirectly

by any party due to any breach or claim of breach of this License Agreement

or in connection with the use of or copyright of the Music.



If there is any dispute over this License Agreement between you, your company and Appleseed Goddess Sounds which includes it's artists (Parties) mutually agree to solve the dispute through mediation as per Appleseed Goddess Sounds discretion and at your sole cost.




This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with

the laws of Texas at the time of execution and if any portion

is found to be unlawful or invalidated, the remainder of the Agreement will

remain in full force and effect.